Why should you consider converting an ambulance to an RV?

Benefits and Challenges

There are benefits to choosing to convert a used ambulance into an RV:

  • Electrical power in the rear compartment
  • Heating in the rear compartment
  • Lots of storage inside and outside the rear compartment
  • Exterior lighting already installed

There are also some disadvantages to converting:

  • Used vehicle may have maintenance issues
  • Need to remove emergency equipment to be street legal
  • May need to do this work yourself, especially if you are on a budget

My vehicle

I purchased a used F650 crew cab rescue ambulance to convert. Some of the reasons that I chose this option are

  • Able to have more than 2 passengers in the cab
  • Fully capable vehicle for long distance travel and mountainous terrain
  • Large amount of exterior storage in rear
  • Ability to install automatic snow chains and rear towing receiver
  • Less than 60,000 miles on the vehicle
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F-650 Crew Cab Rescue Ambulance

Getting from an Ambulance to an RV

Ambulance approaching

Benefits of Ambulance

  • Heating and air conditioning in the rear compartment
  • AC electrical power in rear
  • Multiple areas of storage
  • External lighting
  • External power source can be plugged into rear compartment (shoreline)
Recreational Vehicle

RV Requirements

  • Heating and air conditioning separate from engine
  • Electrical power separate from engine
  • Installed cooking source
  • Installed water and sink
  • Installed toilet
  • Installed refrigerator

As you can see from the above, the benefits of an ambulance can be matched to some of the requirements for a vehicle to qualify as a recreational vehicle. While buying an RV is certainly easier, modifying an ambulance to an RV is a great way to get a unique vehicle, with your personal touches, for the mechanically inclined do-it-yourself-er.

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