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Wheel Chocks

Don’t lose your vehicle by letting it roll away!

Once you park your vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice if it was still there when you came back? Don’t let your big rig roll down a hill and crush something or be crushed. Wheel chocks are used for a reason when parking a truck and your converted RV is no different.

wheel chocks in place around the rear tire

Pick a style and type

There are a variety of wheel chocks in the market. Choosing one depends upon the size of your vehicle, where to plan to park it, and how you want to store them while driving.

Think about getting a heavy toothed or textured set of wheel chocks. They will grip both to the wheel and to the ground surface.

Here is some guidance on choosing a wheel chock style:

  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Serrated\Toothed\Diamond Plate or Smooth

Wheel Chocks for Safety

Learn about the importance of wheel chocks for your vehicle.

Yes, RVs get chocks too!

How to select and use wheel chocks on your RV. While this video focuses on using wheel chocks on RV trailers, it’s good practice to use chocks on all large vehicles, particularly if you park in with the transmission in neutral like many trucks do.

Wheel chock location

Building a Chock Holder

I had decided to purchase heavy duty metal chocks with the same pattern as the metal side and rear steps. Our vehicle will be used in mountainous and snowy conditions, so I wanted wheel chocks that would both be able to grip to ice and would be heavy. This necessitated developing a solution to keep the chocks outside the storage compartments as they would be getting very dirty. The solution was to fabricate a box to hold them.

Building The Holder

Adding Support Brackets

Creating the supports

I was able to use several L-brackets on the metal ledge and secured them with bolts.

Adding the box

Adding the box

Using both an aluminum diamond plate and a thin metal strip, I was able to attach these to the L-brackets and bend the aluminum plate into a box shape, providing both a floor and walls the the box.

Final appearance of wheel chock box

Finished Product

The final product had space for both the wheel chocks and allowed me to secure the chock with a cable lock to the vehicle.

The chocks I used were the Buyers Products WC091060 Wheel Chock.

The cable lock was the Master Lock 8417D Python Cable Lock with Key.

I added some fluorescent paint to the chock handles to make them easier to see, hoping that I will not try to drive off without removing them from underneath the wheels.

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