Welcome to Ambulance2RV. I am hoping to share some of my experience converting a used ambulance into an RV.

At the outset, I must admit I will not be developing a fully boon-dock capable RV. My intent was always to create a road worthy traveling vehicle that I could sleep in at night, but that I could also tailgate from at events or that I could use in a campground. If you are looking to convert your vehicle to one with a toilet and solar panels for living in while away from civilization, well, I won’t get you there. I will, hopefully, give you some guidance about the general conversion process.

Some of the topics I hope to cover include:

  • Purchase considerations
    • What to look for?
    • What style ambulance to get?
    • Insurance and titling
    • What needs to be done to an ambulance to become an RV?
  • Electrical Issues
    • How an ambulance is wired and powered
    • DC and AC systems
    • What do you do with all those lights?
  • Mechanical Issues
    • Truck versus van styles
    • Snow chains: automatic or manual?
    • Towing and hitches
  • Design and Interior Modifications
    • Rear cabin passengers – Should you?
    • Crew chief’s seat – Is it worth keeping?
    • What to keep and throw out
    • Lighting
      • Inside
      • Outside

Please post your comments and share your experiences too! I known others have completed what I am currently doing, and I would like to learn from them as well.

Is an ambulance camper conversion right for you?

See Alissa’s post on her website for a second opinion.

Stay Safe and Enjoy Life!

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