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Upgrade Your Ride – Installing New Seats

If you bought a used ambulance you probably got two things along with it: cheap driver and passenger seats with no special options. While these seats worked for our EMS workers on short trips, if your butt is going to be in those seats for cross-country travel, your gluts are going to appreciate an upgrade.

Cab View

EMS Seats

The seats installed in your ambulance are likely lacking creature comforts like:

  • Comfortable padding
  • Reclining Flat
  • Heat
  • Clean and Undamaged Surface

My F-650 came with very utilitarian grey vinyl seats as you can see in this photograph. They did have inner arm rests, which moved. The air-ride, a compressed air cushion in the seat suspension, was initially filling with air but would deflate over time. Eventually the air-ride suspension stopped working completely.

These seats were designed for daily use by people working in muddy, wet, smokey, or dangerous environments. Comfort was not a priority; the focus was clearly on durability and ease of cleaning. These seats are likely not the seats you want to ride around upon for hours. This is an important upgrade to do.

Choosing Seats

There are a lot of seats out on the aftermarket for customization in trucks and vehicles. While it might initially seem that you have looks of options, your options will likely be limited by the vehicle type you purchased. If you purchased a large Class 6 vehicle, like a Kenworth or a Frieghtliner, then you probably can get many of the same seats that are placed into tractor-trailer cabs. For the rest of us, with smaller rigs, the options become more dependent upon exactly what vehicle you have.

  • Material: Leather, Synthetic Leather, Vinyl, Cloth
  • Recline: Partial Recline or Lay Flat
  • Heat: Seat Only or Seat and Back of Seat
  • Padding: Memory Foam or Standard
  • Arm Rests: Dual or Single side
  • Other Options: Cooling, Air Ride Suspension, Power Adjustments,

What are the options to look for?


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