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Truck versus RV

What makes your vehicle qualify as an RV Making your vehicle into an RV is not just about what you call it. The vehicle’s title category at you department of motor vehicles has implications on your insurance costs and your yearly registration fees. Modifications to become an RV Each state will have specifics about what…

General Interior Design

Sound Proofing – Better To Call It Sound Reduction

How loud is it inside? Start off by determining if you need to lower the sound inside your cab. Obviously, if you are driving and you hear a lot of engine noise, road noise, or wind noise, then you probably need some modifications to reduce the sound in the cab. You can be more objective…



Welcome to Ambulance2RV. I am hoping to share some of my experience converting a used ambulance into an RV. At the outset, I must admit I will not be developing a fully boon-dock capable RV. My intent was always to create a road worthy traveling vehicle that I could sleep in at night, but that…