Electrical Interior Design

Blinking Lights and Switches

Cab electronics panel

What You Need In the Cab

Your used ambulance is going to come with a lot of switches and lighted toggles in the cab. This vehicle was used in emergency conditions and the driver needed access to all those lights and sirens while driving. Now you need to repurpose those switches and get rid of what you don’t need.

What comes with your ambulance?

You will have access to a variety of electrical systems from the front cab. Whether you want to keep them or not is up to you, but several of them you won’t need anymore.

  • Emergency Lights
  • Side Loading Lights (or Scene Lights)
  • Additional Equipment
    • Engine heater
    • Inverter
Cab electronics panel

Things to Keep

You will probably be required by your state to remove the emergency flashing lights as most states do not allow these on private vehicles.

You may want to keep the switches for other purposes, however.

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