I want to share my experiences converting an ambulance to an RV. I will only be able to share the knowledge I learned and the resources that I looked into to solve my questions or challenges. This website will not be inclusive of all the potential issues that you could run into, nor will I explore all the possible solutions. There are a lot of other great websites out there on this topic.

Any modifications that I discuss or show were done under my own volition and because of my specific needs and conditions. I do not warrant that my solution will work for you, nor that my solution is the best solution for you. Any modifications that you make after observing what I did are your responsibility alone. You should be aware of any potential dangers or safety issues for any modification you perform. You are responsible for your choices and decisions when modifying your rig.

I hope you have a great time with your project and get the enjoyment and pleasure that comes with creating something for yourself using your own ingenuity and creativity. Happy RV-ing!

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