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Shoreline Power

Charging House Batteries from a Shoreline Power Source Most ambulances have a shoreline hookup, but this can be very different from vehicle to vehicle. It may also be very different from the usual RV hookup. Most shoreline hookups were designed to feed limited power to the back while also keeping the starter batteries charged. We…

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Rear Electrical Power

What is back there and what I can change. This video will show how the rear electrical power is set up in my ambulance. Currently Present I started with several electrical items in the rear electrical compartment. AC Breaker Box with three circuits DC to AC Inverter Flashing Lights Module AC to DC Converter Siren…

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Batteries: House and Starter

Starter Batteries These are the batteries that get your vehicle going. For smaller vehicles you will find them (or the one) under your hood. For larger vehicles like my F-650, there are several batteries connected in series in a cabinet under the cab. My F-650 had four Group 31 batteries with a rating for 1000…

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Cooking In the Rear

Planning Your Cooking System No ambulance is going to come with a cooking system in the rear cabin, but nearly every RV has one. Here are some tips on making the change, and how I planned to install a two burner electric cooktop. RV Requirements Most states requirements for a vehicle to be titled as…

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Blinking Lights and Switches

What You Need In the Cab Your used ambulance is going to come with a lot of switches and lighted toggles in the cab. This vehicle was used in emergency conditions and the driver needed access to all those lights and sirens while driving. Now you need to repurpose those switches and get rid of…

Interior Design

Upgrade Your Ride – Installing New Seats

If you bought a used ambulance you probably got two things along with it: cheap driver and passenger seats with no special options. While these seats worked for our EMS workers on short trips, if your butt is going to be in those seats for cross-country travel, your gluts are going to appreciate an upgrade.…

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Truck versus RV

What makes your vehicle qualify as an RV Making your vehicle into an RV is not just about what you call it. The vehicle’s title category at you department of motor vehicles has implications on your insurance costs and your yearly registration fees. Modifications to become an RV Each state will have specifics about what…

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Sound Proofing – Better To Call It Sound Reduction

How loud is it inside? Start off by determining if you need to lower the sound inside your cab. Obviously, if you are driving and you hear a lot of engine noise, road noise, or wind noise, then you probably need some modifications to reduce the sound in the cab. You can be more objective…

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Wheel Chocks

Don’t lose your vehicle by letting it roll away! Once you park your vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice if it was still there when you came back? Don’t let your big rig roll down a hill and crush something or be crushed. Wheel chocks are used for a reason when parking a truck and your…

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Backup Camera

Everyone needs one! Modifying the cameras to get a backup camera working and have a camera view behind the vehicle while driving. When you have a vehicle this big, it’s a good idea to be able to see what is behind you! Only One Camera Working Two cameras were installed in the rear of the…